AC/UNU Millennium Project
Planning Committee Meeting - Minutes
15-16 February 1999
World Bank, Room MC4-580
Washington, D.C.

Reports from the Nodes


Bruce Lloyd, co-chair of the London Node is filling in for David Mercer who was unable to attend. David managed the Lookout study for the Node. Bruce noted that a leading UK futures effort of the "Tomorrow" project is concerned with the values of a consumer driven society. And hence, there may be some synergies with MP's current work on ethics. Other potential outlets for the project are the Long Range Planning journal (Bruce is on the editorial board) and the new journal "Foresight" (four members of the MP's Planning Committee are on its editorial board and its premiere issues will review the 1998 State of the Future).

There is only one Futures Studies master's degree programs in the UK. The subject is not well defined. The relationship with the future studies unit in OECD should be reinforced. OECD produced the Future Trends CD-ROM which was very well received (a copy was given to MP for review and Jerry regularly visits OECD while in Paris). Joint studies should be pursued. Relations with the Forward Studies Unit of the European Commission should also be reinforced. They will be collaborating with the State of the World Forum and MP on input to the UN Millennium General Assembly.

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