AC/UNU Millennium Project
Planning Committee Meeting - Minutes
15-16 February 1999
World Bank, Room MC4-580
Washington, D.C.

Reports from the Nodes


The report was read by Jerry Glenn on behalf of the South Pacific Node. The members of the Node committee during 1998 were: Tom Beer (Chair), Paul Wildman (Treasurer), Jenny Gidley (Secretary), Barney Foran (CSIRO), Trudi Lang (Curtin University, Perth), Ian Ferguson (a management consultant in Brisbane), Neil Hamilton (ANU), Geoff Holland (representing the Futures Foundation), Marianne Bridgart (Foresight Institute, New Zealand).

The Node works via bimonthly telephone conference calls. There was also a face-to-face committee meeting in August, prior to the Risk Management and the Future Seminar. Before this committee meeting, a presentation was give to the senior executive of Southern Cross University - who administers the Memorandum of Understanding with the Millennium Project.

In addition to identifying Global Lookout Panelists, distributing questionnaires, and conducting interviews, and participating in the environmental security study during 1998, the Node produced:

1. The Risk Management and the Future seminar held in August in Lismore. This was attended by approximately 40 participants, all of whom received a copy of the 1998 State of the Future Report. The seminar proceedings will be published by AMEEF during 1999.

2. Completion of a future studies CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM and 1998 State of the Future are being marketed by Prosperity Press, IGFR, and by Applied Environmetrics in Australia.

Plans for 1999 concentrate on a planned series, in co-operation with the Futures Foundation, called Conversations with the Future, which is hoped to include a Futures Hypothetical. The overall aim is to adapt the 1998 State of the Future to Australian concerns and realities.

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