2004 State of the Future
by Jerome C. Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon
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Paperback with CD-ROM

... enclosed CD contains over 3,000 pages of research behind
this print edition, plus the Millennium Project's seven years of
cumulative research and methods.

 Table of Contents


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The 2004 State of the Future contains very valuable information for humanity and leaders throughout the world that cannot be found elsewhere.
                                                                       Dr. Horacio O’Donnell, Chancellor
                                                                       Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales, Argentina

My colleagues and I at the United Nations find the State of the Future's insights, research and lucid presentation immensely useful sources of inspiration for our own annual reports on the UN's Millennium Declaration.
                                                                      Michael Doyle, former UN Assistant Secretary-General and
                                                                      Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

The State of the Future helps guide the Army's azimuth in anticipation of emerging environmental trends ansd issues.
                                                                        Michael L. Cain, Director
                                                                        Army Environmental Policy Institute

If ever the world was crying out for such a publication [2004 State of the Future], now is the time, and this superb effort is to be warmly welcomed... It should be broadcast from the rooftops.
                                                                      Review in Long Range Planning (Long Range Planning - International Journal of Strategic Management, http://www.lrp.ac)

Internationally acclaimed resource for policy board rooms, classrooms on global change, and those who need a heads up on what's next. It provides a series of executive summaries in print and details in a CD of the global prospects for humanity and strategies for today.

It is produced by the Millennium Project, which collects, feeds back, and assesses insights from creative and knowledgeable people on emerging crises, opportunities, strategic priorities, and the feasibility of actions. Over 1,650 futurists, business planners, scientists, scholars, and decisionmakers who work for international organizations, governments, private corporations, NGOs, and universities in more than 50 countries have contributed to this five-year cumulative research. Your feedback is welcome to improve the next State of the Future.

Paperback with CD-ROM. 100 pages print and over 3,000 pages CD-ROM
ISBN: 0-9722051-2-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2004108659
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Table of Contents
The 2004 State of the Future is composed of two parts: print and CD. The print book contains the executive summary of each of the studies conducted in 2003-2004. The enclosed CD of over 3,000 pages contains the cumulative work of the Millennium Project since 1996 and all the details of the studies included in this print section.

Table of Contents Print Section

Table of Contents CD

Table of Contents Print Section


Executive Summary - 1

1. Global Challenges  - 11

2.  Assessing Progress and Updating the Global Challenges and the SOFI - 43

3.  State of the Future Index - 53

4. National SOFIs - 61

5.  Middle East Peace Scenarios - 67

6.  Emerging Environmental Security Issues for International Treaties - 83

7. Millennium Project Environmental Scanning Weblog Database - 91

Appendix--Millennium Project Participants: General Demographics - 95 Acronyms and Abbreviations - 96

Table of Contents CD-ROM Section


1.  Global Challenges ( 660 pages)

2.  State of the Future Index Section

2.1 Global Challenges Assessment Delphi (56 pages)
2.2 Global SOFI (162 pages)
2.3 National SOFIs (16 pages)

3. Global Scenarios

3.1 Normative Scenario to the Year 2050 (18 pages)
3.2 Exploratory Scenarios (40 pages)
3.3 Very Long-Range Scenarios—1000 years (23 pages)
3.4 Counterterrorism—Scenarios, Actions, and Policies (40 pages)
3.5 Science and Technology 2025 Global Scenarios (19 pages)
3.6 Middle East Peace Scenarios (16 pages)

4. Middle East Peace Scenarios Study (85 pages)

5. Science and Technology

5.1 Future S&T Management Policy Issues––2025 Global Scenarios (100 pages)
5.2 Management and Policy Implications for Future Science and Technology Issues (221 pages)
5.3 Future Issues of Science and Technology (79 pages)

6. Global Goals for the Year 2050 (24 pages)

7. World leaders on Global Challenges (42 pages)

8. Measuring and Promoting Sustainable Development (90 pages)

9. Environmental Security (388 pages)

9.1 Emerging Environmental Security Issues
9.2 Environmental Security: Emerging International definitions, Perceptions, and Policy Considerations
9.3 Environmental Security: UN Doctrine for Managing Environmental Issues in Military Actions
9.4 Environmental Crimes in Military Actions and the International Criminal Court UN Perspectives
9.5 Environmental Security and Military Requirements
10. Factors Required for Successful Implementation of Futures Studies in Decisionmaking (55 pages)


Appendix A: Millennium Project Participants (list of names with affiliation and country)
Appendix B: State of the Future Index Section
Appendix C: Global Scenarios
Appendix D: Middle East Peace Scenarios Study
Appendix E: Science and Technology
Appendix F: Global Goals for The Year 2050
Appendix G: World Leaders on Global Challenges
Appendix H: Measuring and Promoting Sustainable Development
Appendix I: Environmental Security Studies
Appendix J: Factors Required for Successful Implementation of Futures Research in Decisionmaking
Appendix K: Annotated Bibliography of About 550 Scenario Sets
Appendix L: Publications of the Millennium Project

Acronyms and Abbreviations


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