Millennium Project

by Jerome C. Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon

ISBN 0-9657362-6-1 (Paperback with CD-ROM)
92 pages print and 1000 pages CD-ROM with graphs, tables, annotated bibliography of over 400 scenario sets.
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Best selling book at the July 23-26, 2000 World Future Society Conference

State of the Future at the Millennium is a “report card on the future” written as an easy guide to what’s happing that can change the world with a range views around the world about who should do what to improve our prospects. This is what the educated world citizen should know. It gives you a sense of how humanity can get it all together.
The past can only be described, but we can write the future together. The State of the Future offers us a creative and new project of hope.
Federico Mayor, former Director-General of UNESCO
State of the Future at the Millennium comes in two parts: an executive print 90-page book and a 1000-page CD-ROM with more complete details suitable for individual scholarly and personal computer search requirements. It provides a context for global thinking and potential for improved understanding of how humanity could work together to improve the human condition.
State of the Future at the Millennium is a reference for those in the public policymaking process, business planning, professors of world affairs, and the educated public interested in how the world is changing.
State of the Future at the Millennium is produced by the Millennium Project, which manages a coherent and cumulative process that collects and assesses judgments from creative and knowledgeable people about the challenges we face at the millennium. Thus far 722 futurists, business planners, scientists, scholars, and decisionmakers who work for international organizations, governments, private corporations, NGOs, and universities in more that 50 countries have contributed to this research. Authors Glenn and Gordon present wisdom that emerges from the interplay of differences over years of research and responding to feedback.


What is New in This Year’s Report

1. Combination of a short version in print and more detailed 1000-page version on CD-ROM.

2. Regional perspectives on the global challenges - distilled overviews of the challenges with highlights from the regional perspectives are in this print version, while richer, more detailed regional perspectives on the updated challenges, with actions to address each, are on the accompanying CD-ROM.

3. Indicators to measure progress on the challenges, which were rated the most useful, are in this book, while all the indicators and discussions are on the CD-ROM.

4. “Meta Strategies” abstracted from the hundreds of actions suggested to address the challenges.

5. Identification and assessment of factors that might affect the next thousand years; a range of views about the possible trajectories of these long-range factors are detailed on the CD-ROM, along with a discussion of the value of such an exercise.

6. Six very long-range scenarios based on the factors and trajectories are in this print edition, and an additional five suggested scenarios and comments on the factors and the scenarios are included on the CD-ROM.

7. A distilled version of the Millennium Project’s study on environmental security and the United Nations appears here as Chapter 5, with more detailed analysis plus environmental security threats with related international agreements and organizations on the CD-ROM.

8. The book offers 26 ways to make early warnings more effective in decisionmaking, with detailed discussions and case studies on the CD-ROM.

9. The CD-ROM contains 54 additional annotated scenarios and/or scenario sets to the 350 annotations in last year’s book, for a total of over 400.

The authors: Jerome C. Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon are co-directors of the Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University () since 1995. Glenn has been the executive director of the since 1988 providing the point of contact between the United States and the UNU, the primary academic research system of the United Nations. He has 30 years experience in futures research for various think tanks and was deputy director for PfP International in micro-enterprise development in the Third World. Gordon has 40 years experience in futures research, founded The Futures Group, co-founded the Institute for the Future, and was an early pioneer with the RAND Corporation’s Delphi studies.

Table of Contents of the book and the accompanying CD-ROM.

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