Theodore J. Gordon

Senior Fellow

Mr. Theodore Jay Gordon is a futurist and management consultant. He is an expert in several high technology fields, a graduate engineer, a specialist in planning and policy analysis, and an entrepreneur. His current professional activities include consulting on strategy for several major corporations, lecturing, Senior Fellow of the Millennium Project, and participating on the corporate boards of Apollo Genetics, the Institute for Global Ethics, Registry Databases, and The Futures Group, the consulting firm he formed over twenty years ago.

Mr. Gordon formed The Futures Group in 1971. As CEO and Chairman, he led the firm for 20 years. It has grown to be the largest in its field, a multi national consulting organization with over 150 people in fifteen offices around the world. The company performs contract research in the field of strategy for private organizations and government agencies on topics that range from market opportunities and competitive threats to population issues in third world countries and high technology developments and technology transfer. The firm's orientation is analytic and quantitative.

Mr. Gordon recently retired as Chairman of The Futures Group. He is consulting on a free lance basis and is currently serving the company as Director and Senior Advisor. He has been in charge of hundreds of studies for US and government agencies as well as insurance, computer, banking, communications, advertising, automobile, pharmaceutical and chemical companies. His principal clients have included the US Environmental Protection Agency (designing "look-out" methodologies with the Science Advisory Board), General Electric, Motorola, Ford Motor Company, Ryder Truck Rental, DowBrands, The American Council of Life Insurance, and many other major corporations, trade associations and US government agencies. His specialties in this work have involved technological innovation and forecasting, the design of analysis methodologies, market segmentation, and the development of strategies- particularly strategies that promise to be productive in conditions of high uncertainty.

PUBLICATIONS: author of many client reports, technical articles that have appeared in the open literature, and five books dealing with topics associated with the future, space, and scientific and technological developments and issues. He is co-author and co-editor of the annual State of the Future reports and Futures Research Methodology; his most recent technical articles have been in the field of Chaos (1994) and forecasting methodology (Annals of Social Science, 1992); author of the Macmillan encyclopedia article on the future of science and technology (1995). He is currently on the editorial board of several journals including Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

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