Academic Backgroud

Bs Chemical Eng. And Math. , UNL  MEXICO( 1961 )
Bs Statistics,  CIENES / OAS   CHILE ( 1962 )
Ms Nuclear Eng.,  PRNC  USA ( 1964 )
Phd Statistics , UC/Berkeley USA ( 1970 )

Academic Experience

Professor  CIENES/OAS , Latin American Program  CHILE  ( 1970-1977 )
Dealing Mostly With Training Statisticians From All Over Latinamerica.
Professor UNICAMP , BRAZIL  ( 1978- 2002 )
Dealing Mostly With Teaching And Research On Forecasting And Data Analysis.
Professor PUCSP , BRAZIL ( 1980-    )
Dealing Mostly With Teaching And Research On Future Studies , Knowledge And Values Managment ,  Leadership And Organizational Development.
Visiting Research Fellow, UOXFORD, UK ( 1985 )
Research On Remote Sensing And Image And Signal Processing.

Organizational Membership

World Future Studies , Chapter Coordinator For BRAZIL
Center For Future Studies( NEF - PUCSP BRAZIL ) Founder And   Director
NGO GIRASONHOS , BRAZIL  Founder And Vice President

Main Areas Of Interest at Present

Future Studies, Knowledge And Human Values Management, Sustainable Development , Quality of Life and Culture Of Peace.

Contact: Arnoldo José de Hoyos <>

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