Cornelia Daheim -Z_punkt GmbH The Foresight Company, Cologne/Germany, Chair of the German Node


Cornelia Daheim is a senior researcher and project manager for Z_punkt GmbH Büro für Zukunftsgestaltung (Z_punkt Agency for Shaping the Future) at Essen. Born in 1973, she studied General and Comparative Literature, English and Psychology at the University of Essen and at King's College, London; completed her M.A. with distinction and won an award for "outstanding graduation".
She has been with the Z_punkt GmbH since 2000, working on future studies projects for institutions and companies, f.e. production of trend-databases and reports, scenario-studies, as the study "The Future of Gender and Work in Germany" for the German Ministry of Science and Education. She has founded and chaired the German Node of ACUNU's Millennium Project, has founding a Planning Committee for the German which brings together the relevant actors from the German futures field; currently she works on connecting the Millennium Project to large German companies. She co-represents Z_punkt in the network euroProspective, is a member of the Global Future Forum (GFF) and has organized Z_punkt's co-operation with the GFF. Since 2002, she is responsible for the research project "Demographic Change and Protection of Nature", funded by the Office for Protection of Nature and realized in cooperation with the University of Essen, which has a focus on different regional developments in Germany, producing scenarios for several types of regions and linking socio-cultural developments to economic developments and change in the regions.

Main projects:

  • Gender and Work in Germany
  • Trend-Databases for large German Companies
  • Conference on "New Realities Demographic Change in Economy and Society"
  • Outlook 2010
  • Future Media Trends

Her general work focus is on:

  • futures studies and its methods, particularly scenario methods
  • regional development, futures studies approaches and usability for regional development
  • socio cultural and technological change and its relevance for strategic decision and innovation (Demographic change, societal change, lifestyles, identity)
  • connecting futures knowledge to today's actions and challenges
  • interdisciplinary approaches
  • international dimension of futures studies

Before joining the Z_punkt team, she worked at the University of Essen for four years during her studies. For example, she was in charge of the linguistic agency and journal "LAUD" and worked as a research assistant at the Institute of German Studies / Medieval Studies, contributing to several scientific projects, supervising students and tutorials.

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