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Futures Research Methodology V1.0

Explains what each method is, how it is used, relation to other methods, and speculation about future uses of 16 methods or groups of methods plus introduction and future of methodology sections.

Available on CD-ROM, in PDF format (printable, about 500 pages), and Word Perfect (text editing) format
ISBN: 0-9657362-2-9
Price: $45.95 US dollars + shipping

This version is out of stock; please use the lastes version: Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0

"Futures Research Methodology" is a comprehensive and internationally peer reviewed handbook on tools and methods for forecasting and analysis of global change. It brings together the most comprehensive set of approaches to futures methodologies ever assembled in one volume. The coming change of millennia could become the greatest teaching moment in history.  It could be a global opportunity to think ahead about our common future. This book provides an executive overview of the tools to do this  - complete with each method's history, description, primary and alternative usages, strengths and weaknesses, use in combination with other methods, and speculation about future usage. Over half of the chapters were written by the inventor of the method or by a significant contributor to its evolution. In addition to specific references for each method, a special bibliography of approaches to futures research was prepared by Michael Marien, editor of Future Survey. It is a reference for anyone wanting to improve their ability to think ahead and resource for international analysts, educators, and trainers.

This distillation of a half-century of futurist learning will help both the advanced researcher and beginner to create a range of possible and desirable futures for their nation, corporation, profession and other fields of study.  With the renewed interest in the future, as the Millennium approaches, this book is a timely guide for how to improve thought about tomorrow.

Table of Contents of the "Futures Research Methodology"

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