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Possible Canadian Node

Planning Committee Meeting, March 14-15, 2002

David Harries, Vice-President of Alliance for Capitalizing on Change  represented the upcoming Canadian Node. Representing the newest organization joining the MP network, David focused on introducing the organization and its goals along with their interest and projected activities as a future Node.

Alliance for Capitalizing on Change


Only by learning to capitalize on change will we be able to replace our fear with the justifiable confidence that we are able to influence the shape of the future by making sound strategic decisions today.

Until now, no organization has been solely dedicated to encouraging and enabling all of us to learn to understand and capitalize on change and to do so in a holistic manner.

Capitalizing on change requires...

Legitimacy – a supportive community which openly values and advocates for strategic foresight and courageous action.

Safe and reliable spaces for engaging in ongoing strategic dialogue and learning with others who share our commitments. This work cannot be done alone.

Access to the best practitioners and researchers from around the world and to their insights into the emerging character and requirements of the 21st Century.

Thus The Alliance...

Canada's only body solely designed to make it easier for all interested persons and organizations to explore, understand and capitalize on change and, thus, influence the shape of their future.

What is the Alliance?

The Alliance is unique.

Characteristics of The Alliance

Our Core Roles

We offer...

Public leadership and advocacy for strategic foresight and capitalizing on change.

Opportunities for dialogue and learning about the dimensions, drivers & dynamics of change.

Research and strategic foresight projects; always in cooperation with others.

Information about change, innovation and living as a learner.

High-quality consulting services.

Global Reach.

We are the Canadian node of an emerging global network for strategic foresight, innovation and learning. This network will multiply our effectiveness, extend our reach and provide global access to remarkable persons and current information.

Corporate Form. We are...

Incorporated as a Part II Corporation (not-for-profit) under the Canada Corporations Act.

Owned by and accountable to our members – both individuals and organizations.

Headquartered in Calgary.

Chaired by John Webb, Chairman and CEO, electro

Served by the best future-oriented professionals in Canada.

Our Foundation – a related body – is being registered as a Charitable Organization.


We have both Sustaining Partners and Business Partners – organizations in every sector of society who support our existence, value our work and use our services.


Now over 2,400 participants. No charge to be on our e-mail or mail list.


Miriam Nelson, Administrator. 1-877-538-8873

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