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Brazil Node-2002 activities

Arnoldo José de  Hoyos, from The Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, chair of the node, represented the Brazil Node at the Millennium Project Planning Committee meeting in July, 2002, in Philadelphia, PA.

Mr. Hoyos presented the Futures Studies in Brazil and in this context, the work of Nucleo de Estudos do Futuro (NEF) that works under the ausipces of  The Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP).

NEF - Futures Studies Center - PUC-SP
Coordinator: Arnoldo de Hoyos - PhD - PUC-SP (Business School)  and Unicamp - University of Campinas  (Education for Peace)

 Vice-Coordinator: Rosa Alegria - UHCL, University of Houston, Clear Lake -  and Women Council of Sao Paulo

 Brazilian Council:
 1. Regina Festa - PhD - Communications School,  The School of the Future, The Knowledge City -  USP, University of São Paulo, National Women Council
 2. Ubiratan D´Ambrosio - PhD - ex-dean PUC-SP and coordinator of the Future Studies Institute
 3. Therezinha Fram - PhD - ex-State Education secretary
 4. Maria Candida - PhD - Education School - PUC-SP
 5. Ladislau Dowbor - PhD - PUC-SP

International Council
Peter Bishop - University of Houston, Clear Lake
Francisco Mojica - University Externato  Bogota

Executive Committee
1. Vitoria Dib - PhD - PUC-SP - Social Sciences
2. Claudia Pellegrini - PhD - PUC-SP - Education
3. Lala DeHeinzelin  -  Culture and Communications
4. Beatrice Gropp - PhD - University of Paris -
    Anthropology - PUC-SP - Business Administration

NEF's most important curent projects are:

The Millenium Project In Brazil Plasse click here to see/download the power point presentation that presented by Mr. Hoyos.

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